NAME Adi Mulagic
Category Open format, House, Tech-house
since 2015

Meet Adï, an exceptional talent whose journey kicked off at the young age of 15, when he first dived into the world of DJing and music production. Right from the start, Adï's connection with music was obvious. The beats, melodies, and rhythms spoke to his very soul, driving him on a transformative musical adventure.

Moving seamlessly from the turntables to music production, Adï's growth was both daring and inspiring. His studio transformed into a haven of ceaseless creativity, birthing compositions that stirred emotions and lured listeners onto the dance floor.

As Adï's career blossomed, so did his reputation among peers and fans. Now, standing in the spotlight's embrace, Adï's journey is just unfolding. With a unique blend of pulsating beats and mesmerizing melodies, Adï promises an unforgettable musical experience that captivates and energizes audiences.

Adï will be making his first release at the end of 2023.