Category Open format, House
since 2018
Booking oscar@rydholmproductions.com

With his many years of musician experience and career as a producer, Charlie Didriksson has claimed the concept of "audience favorite" when he has frequently played guilty pleasures at Gothenburg's biggest nightclubs in recent years. Didriksson has played at nightclubs such as Park Lane, S.A.K, Yaki-Da, Lounge (s), Trädgår’n, 8ight, Ester m.fl. 

After growing up in a musical family and starting to produce music at the age of 10, he began to create deep roots in house music of all kinds. But even early on, MTV and the Absolute Hits records began to discolor Didriksson and left a clear mark, and the result today is a DJ who is impossible to place in a compartment. But one thing is for sure, it is a new type of pulse that beats when Didriksson starts to handle the music. Maybe a forgotten pulse, but a very missed one.