Category Open format, House, Tech-house, Hip Hop, Rock, 90's
since 2018
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Already at the age of eleven, Elias began to take an interest in music and began playing drums. He started cover bands where they played a lot of old rock classics. After middle school, he applied to a high school with a focus on music and had to take an entrance exam with just drums. He studied music for three years and immersed himself in music production where he fell in love with hip hop. He still continues to produce music and experiment with different sounds to always try to get to the next level. His curiosity in the music industry made him open his eyes to try being a DJ. He contacted Oscar Forsell who showed him the technical basics. Here, Elias stuck completely to the nightclub industry. He followed all the advice he received from Oscar and never stopped developing. 


Just like in the production of music, Elias loves to experiment to produce different mixes, transitions and sync together different songs with various effects. With his broad interest in music, Elias can adapt to everyone's needs regardless of genre. With the right guidance, Elias is currently playing at some of Gothenburg's biggest nightclubs. You can find him playing on Park lane, Yaki-Da and Excet, among others. He's come a long way but he's really not done here. He dreams of playing on even bigger stages and this means that he is constantly working on developing his skills. He always comes up with new mixes and songs, which means that one night is never the same. You could say that Elias is happiest when he gets to play music in front of an audience and see their reaction.