Category House, Open format
since 2016

LINKS started his career in 2016 when he heard Oops by Martin Garrix for the first time. Not long after that he got hold of a DJ table and started remaking Ultra / Tomorrowland sets. With his mindset and dedication he never stopped developing his skills.  He now has several years of experience under his belt and is not afraid to try new creative ways to inspire people with a mix of different kinds of music. 

LINKS is one hundred procent self-taught which means that when he is controlling the dance floor there’s no one that sounds like him. He has a passion and a deep love for house music but he plays everything from the hits you didn’t know you loved, and the banger club anthems that makes you wanna let everything out on the dance floor for one night. 

You find LINKS playing at several clubs in Gothenburg such as Park Lane, Trädgårn.