Category Open format, House, Tech-house
since 2021

Samuel has had an abiding love for music from a very young age, with a passion for producing music that has only grown stronger with each passing year. As a child, Samuel demonstrated a natural talent for playing musical instruments like the piano and guitar. However, his true passion was ignited when he discovered music production at the age of seventeen.

Since then, Samuel has dedicated himself to developing his music production skills and has loved every minute of the journey. His love for music has continued to grow over the years and three years ago, he decided to take his passion to the next level by delving into the world of DJing.

Samuel has set his sights on making DJing his full-time career, and he dreams of traveling the world sharing his music with people from all walks of life. He is committed to pushing the boundaries of his craft and exploring new creative avenues in order to create unique music that sets him apart from the rest.

With his tireless work ethic, unwavering dedication to his craft, and true love for music, Samuel is sure to achieve great success in the music industry.